Residential Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning

Every home should have its carpets cleaned on a regular basis. Dirty carpets not only look and feel bad, but can also be a health issue for anyone with allergies. Your carpets are constantly collecting and trapping dirt, dust, pet hair, and even mold. Vacuuming will only remove loose surface debris and never touch the deeper ground-in dirt. Over time, this ground-in dirt will wear down the fibers in your carpet and dramatically shorten the life of your carpet.

Quality carpeting that is well-maintained should last 10-15 years. The beauty and life of your carpet depends on the care it receives. Not all residential carpet cleaning products or processes clean equally well, and some may even damage carpet fibers or remove stain guard.

CLEANER by Pfarr is all you need for your residential carpet cleaning and deodorizing needs! Our low-moisture encapsulation technology loosens grime and grease and traps it so it can simply be vacuumed away, leaving your carpets clean and dry. If needed for stubborn or difficult stains, we can utilize ink and urine stain remover, enzyme, ozone, and fungicide treatments, or even low-pressure water extraction.

Kids and dog friendly carpet

Dry cleaning is safer for kids and pets

Our environmentally-friendly non-toxic formula is safe for all your family members and pets, even babies! And our dry cleaning process will not leave moisture for mold and mildew to form. Carpet padding and underlayment stays dry.

How often should you clean carpet?

The frequency depends on the type and amount of traffic your carpets receive. Carpet manufacturers recommend every 24 months to maintain appearance and useful life. Our experience has been that a typical family with two children and a pet should have their carpets cleaned annually.

Wool or special carpets? No problem!

Wool carpeting is durable, beautiful and expensive, and as such requires special care when cleaning. Wet methods require careful attention to the temperature and the cleaning agents used, and your carpet will have that ‘wet dog’ smell until it drys. However, wool carpeting responds very well to dry cleaning and can be cleaned right in your home.

Does dry cleaning cost more?

No. CLEANER by Pfarr can help keep your carpet looking great for its full lifetime. With proper cleaning, your carpet will last longer, and your pocketbook will appreciate it. Our two area (12×12 sq.ft. each) minimal charge is $90.

Benefits of dry carpet cleaning:
  • Non-toxic formula is safe for kids and pets!
  • Residue-free formula is SAFE for all carpets
  • Quick dry time with virtually no ‘down time’
  • No mold or mildew issues like wet methods
  • Disinfects and deodorizes
  • Removes old soap residue
  • No splitting at the seams or carpet buckling
  • Lifts carpet nap
  • Carpeting can outlast the manufacturer’s warranty
  • Will not remove stain guard treatments

Upholstery cleaning – restore that new look and smell

Like your carpets, your furniture accumulates all sorts of dirt, dust, food crumbs, germs, and odors. If you have kids or pets, its even worse. Your furniture takes a beating, but can look like new and smell fresh again with a thorough upholstery cleaning from CLEANER by Pfarr.

Our residential upholstery cleaning service begins with an extensive vacuuming of all surfaces, including under removable cushions. Stains are removed with appropriate products using brand new clean rags. Cleaning is done primarily by hand with a specialized brush and the same encapsulation dry clean process that we use for carpeting. We clean chairs, recliners, love seats, couches, ottomans, and sectional sofas.

Clean carpets and upholstery are easier than you think

It all starts with selecting the right carpet cleaning professional. Once you have experienced the ease, convenience, and effectiveness of carpet dry cleaning you won’t go back to your former choice for carpet cleaning.

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